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i'm not really an artist and also not funny. but somehow you ended up here. xx, andi.

i feel so ugh.


it’s been a trying past few days

❝oh hell no i did not resurrect for this❞

—jesus after watching the last game of thrones episode probably (via queencersei)


Actual current fashion

it really is the staple of a true writer/artist when you want two characters to be together but know you can't. idk, it just makes them so real. i've said it before, and i'll say it again, you are so good at creating believable characters and i love them so much! (and also since we're talking about ships, i can't help but ship chris and chan. i have a thing for the childhood friend trope (even if it was middle school) same trope goes for jack and joel, but i feel it's more onesided.)

awww, thanks so much!

i feel kind of bad though, knowing what will happen to them and all. i just don’t know if they can stay this “believable” or if they will at one point will be too stupidly dramatic. ah well, we’ll see what you guys will think of it once i finally start with it.

(i know what you’re talking about. i also like it a bit too much. but i don’t know what you mean with “onesided”. i mean. um. they’re both on both sides just… friends. yes. oh gosh.)


never thought about it till now but tbh I'd honestly prefer chris and jack to be together over jack and joel now

they’re better than all other pairings. SO MUCH BETTER.


I saw a post that asked about shipping OCs you can't make cannon. And this is probably already been asked but..why? they are your OCs. I mean I don't want to tell you what to do but I've always been curious because JFC I ship everything I can about your OCs I love them. But...I was always curious why you claim you "can't" ship them //hides// I'm sorry.....

haha, oh don’t worry!

if i remember correctly it was about shipping two of my own characters but not being able to make it officially canon, right?

so, in my case i DO ship a lot of my characters together, sometimes with a reason behind it and sometimes just because it’s just so stupidly crazy.

the point was that i couldn’t make it canon, not really that i couldn’t ship it. because i do ship a lot of my characters even though i wouldn’t admit it to the public (but come on, it’s quite obvious who i want with whom) because there’s always this weird thing that when the creator ships it, it would become canon but that’s not the truth in my case.

i’ve known my characters for quite some time now (this sounds weird) and some of the pairings just wouldn’t make sense or wouldn’t fit in with their characters and personalities even though i deeply want it to happen. which is a bit sad considering that i made them up in my head and therefore have absolute control over them.

but yeah, i do want some of my characters together really badly but they just don’t fit perfectly (yet).

i hope this answered your question in a way. i’m really happy that you like my characters by the way! hearing stuff like that always makes me feel things! positive things!

(ps. in case you’re wondering: the two i deeply want to end up with each other are only chris and jack. i mean. duh, obviously.)


What level did ur dog learn flamethrower

Will you shut the fuck up? We’re trying to watch TV.